Anthologizr @ #OR2012 and #JISCLMS

I had a great opportunity to introduce Anthologizr at Open Repositories 2012 in a short presentation at the EPrints User Group meeting, chaired by Patrick. The presentation was(albeit imperfectly, on my phone) so I could share it with the JISC LMS programme meeting in Birmingham the following day.

Lots of great feedback and interest in Anthologizr from both events. A particularly useful followup came from Chris Awre at Hull, who drew my attention to the JISC Campus-based Publishing Repository Integrator (CAPRI) project at Hull which has synergies not only with our aims, but also with the recent SAS Open Journals project we were involved with. The CAPRI project also developed an online campus journal infrastructure, but (unlike SAS OJS) included Ebook formats among its outputs. Many thanks to Chris and Ben Kay for making their presentation available via Slideshare:

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