Roll your own e-books… what’s not to love?

Richard talking about E-books at FOTE12 conference, Senate House, University of London

I enjoyed presenting some of the early Anthologizr work to ULCC’s Future of Technology in Education (FOTE12) conference, as well as the general e-book message of earlier posts here. Slides embedded below (and also available in our repository.)

One backchannel tweet I saw described me (I presume) as “some guy who thought e-books were great”, which I don’t think entirely represents the complexity of what I was trying to convey. Everything’s relative – it’s just a question of where we’ve arrived at, and the success of the devices that now frame e-books is so well-established that there’s no way back: what iPods and their successors did for physical audio media, iPads, Kindles and their ilk will surely do to printed media, no matter that it may have been “the most stable and mature market for creative works that exists”.

The FOTE event also yielded some smashing photos, thanks to ULCC’s excellent marketing and photography team.

Richard talking about e-books at FOTE12, Senate House, University of London

Next stop for the project, I have been looking at a couple of e-book creating environments, and hope to write them up. And our next hackathon with our excellent development team will be upon us soon.

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