Use case #1

Our simplest use case:

We are preparing a study-pack of reading materials related to Soviet Literature, so we go to UCL Discovery repository and use the EPrints advanced search to search for articles with the words “soviet literature” where full-text is available.

The repository returns us a screen of results, and also gives us the wherewithal to export all these results as citations, in several popular formats.

But instead of a list of citations, what we really want to do is export all the items (full-text included) as an E-book, which we can send to our iPad, Kindle or other E-book reader, by the simplest means possible.

That’s the basics of Anthologizr.

However there are a number of refinements necessary to make this truly useful, chief among them that the user needs to be able to select/deselect items for inclusion in the E-book.

One might reasonably object that not everything one wants is likely to be in any one institutional repository, but there are many meta-repository services, among them MIMAS Repository Search and CoRE, which could deploy the Anthologizr approach.

Alternatively, one could envisage a growing, collaborative repository, either institutional or national, where the kinds of articles and chapters commonly given out in study packs are gradually accumulated, collaboratively, with OA licences and in E-book friendly formats.

Finally (for now) one might also object, that not everything one might want or need is Open Access. That may just be a matter of time, or conscience.

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